Starbuck’s Mocha Cookie Crumble (Treat for Two : 8 and 9 July)

Here comes again the promo of Starbucks : Frap Treat for two.

** Featuring Mocha Cookie Crumble and Red Bean Green Tea Frap 🙂

I first taste this Mocha Crumble last treat for two of Starbucks : 24 June.

Again, for the second time, they give us treat again. Hehehe. I’m after their treats and vouchers offered tru their FB fanpage.

Anyways, Mocha crumble that I love due to the undefined taste which I like : MOCHA!! Add the somewhat chocolate taste and kinda chocolate chips. I am not particular what is the ingredients, sorry if that was not anything I said. As long as I taste this sweet like chocolates, and it’s cool 🙂 Really really like it. And as I researched, it contains little percent of caffeine (correct me if I am wrong)


Sorry I sip it already and take off the cover 🙂 I enjoyed it so much.

Add this with any chips you have. Hehehe.

Have a good Monday, dear!


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