Photography 101: The Fundamentals of Light

nice article.

The Daily Post

We’ve talked about the philosophy of photography and offered a two-part overview of the craft, and now we’re ready to dig deeper. As Ming Thein discussed in his posts, light is crucial to this process. No light, no photograph.

Wenjie Zhang, the photographer at A Certain Slant of Light, is passionate about architecture, landscape, still life, and travel photography. Here in part one, Wenjie introduces exposure and three elements: shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Next week, he’ll wrap up our light lesson and discuss the quality and direction of light, and more. Much of what’s covered below applies to those of you with SLRs and dSLRs and cameras with manual modes, but we’ll sprinkle in tips for those with cameraphones and point-and-shoot cameras, too.

Introducing Light

At the heart of every photo is a story, and like ink and paper, many elements come together to tell that story. One…

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Photography 101: Viewing the World with a Photographer’s Eye, I

super like. it gives me more more knowledge bout photography 🙂

The Daily Post

Ming Thein introduces his four fundamentals of photography — from composition to light — and the elements of a great photograph.

Simply put, Ming pushes you to think about photography . . . like a photographer.

_RX100_DSC2614b copy
Ginza, Tokyo. Sony RX100. (I include camera info to demonstrate that it really doesn’t matter what you use.)

When I was asked to write for the Daily Post, I admit I was a little worried about the magnitude of the task at hand: ultimately my own site is very much about what goes into the creation of outstanding images. And that’s a 600+ article, 1.3-million-word work in progress. That’s obviously not going to fit into the length of your average post, so today I’m going to throw the rulebook out of the window and start again. I encourage you to do the same: regardless of your experience with photography, do the same…

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Photography 101: Introduction & Philosophy

this helps me a lot and got another chance to review myself in taking pictures. although, i still dont have dSLR, i’ll start first in my android phone. anyways, its the picture that matters, not the camera ur using. its just that dSLR camera will be an advantage. hehehe

The Daily Post

As recently mentioned, we’re excited to present a series devoted to photography and visual storytelling. We’ve rounded up talented photographers in our community to introduce the essentials, as well as their tips and tricks.

Our community is made up of all levels of bloggers and photographers: some Daily Post readers are just beginning to blog or experiment with a camera, while some of you are ready to sharpen your visual eye, hone your photography skills (whether on a film or dSLR or mobile phone camera), and think about blogging visually.

Simply put, there will be something for everyone in this series, and we’re excited for our guest photographers to share their ideas and techniques. But before we roll up our sleeves, let’s talk about the philosophy of photography, and why we take photographs.

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Starbuck’s Mocha Cookie Crumble (Treat for Two : 8 and 9 July)

Here comes again the promo of Starbucks : Frap Treat for two.

** Featuring Mocha Cookie Crumble and Red Bean Green Tea Frap 🙂

I first taste this Mocha Crumble last treat for two of Starbucks : 24 June.

Again, for the second time, they give us treat again. Hehehe. I’m after their treats and vouchers offered tru their FB fanpage.

Anyways, Mocha crumble that I love due to the undefined taste which I like : MOCHA!! Add the somewhat chocolate taste and kinda chocolate chips. I am not particular what is the ingredients, sorry if that was not anything I said. As long as I taste this sweet like chocolates, and it’s cool 🙂 Really really like it. And as I researched, it contains little percent of caffeine (correct me if I am wrong)


Sorry I sip it already and take off the cover 🙂 I enjoyed it so much.

Add this with any chips you have. Hehehe.

Have a good Monday, dear!

Movie Review : The Encounter 2010

Yes, i know that this movie was released way back 2010 and got a chance to watch it only last night. I nearly regret why I had a time to watch it very late. Anyways, I know that God intends me to watch that movie last night, in His perfect time.

Back to the movie review, the time I downloaded it, I know that this is a Christian movie and I was so excited to watch it. It consists of 5 civilians : a couple where the wife wants to leave her husband, a runaway teen girl, a woman driving 400 miles to meet her boyfriend and potential fiancé, and a rich restaurant franchise-owner. They we’re supposed to be crossing to that closed road guarded by a state trooper named Officer De Ville (Devil), they decided to go and pass the time until it opens in a “diner” few miles away. Sometimes, the name of the resto would be Diner, and sometimes it would be “Last Chance Diner” which the service crew has a nametag and claimed to be “Jesus”.

Jesus prove so many time that He is: by the way He talks about the past of everyone in that area, the way He advice, and the way He acts. Out of all, Nick (rich businessman) still not open his heart to accept that he is talking to Him (Jesus) personally, even if He would clearly state the family background, mostly of his faithful and prayerful grandmother which past away a time ago.

In the latter part of the story, Officer De Ville went to the Diner and stated that the roads are now open. Nick, as he was so annoyed to Jesus, he leave the diner and follow Officer De Ville, which turns to be the Devil in the story. Soon afterwards, Nick died due to severe car accidents.

Jesus answered all the questions of individuals which are certainly still asking by many nowadays. The movie intends to make us realize that in order for us to see Jesus in our lives, we must BELIEVE in Him so we can SEE the goodness and grace of our mighty God.


Godbless 🙂

Share : D-I-Y Table (Cover)

Just want to share my D-I-Y Table cover

I did it by myself using kinda hard bound old brochure from Hotel.

Link it together using scotch tape, and cover it with any design you want.

Like this :



In here, I used double sided tape for it to stick with the edge of my table 🙂 Hehe.

Anyways, i don’t know if you notice something in my office PC 🙂

Is the cover I used are cute and encouraging? Hehe.

Anawangin and Nagsasa Cove + Capones Island Tour @ Zambales, Philippines

If you’re looking for relaxing feeling out of the busy, real world and pollution, be sure to jump off your office and have a tour in Zambales : Anawangin Cove and Nagsasa Cove (with Capones Island tour). We take this in an overnight stay in Nagsasa Cove because my officemate told us that Anawangin is little bit crowded than Nagsasa.

Time to packed up now. Get READY for the upcoming ISLAND TOUR in Zambales ! ! !

Yiee… Get ON BOARD ! ! !

We leave Mandaluyong by 7am and the journey starts now.


* officemates *


* US 🙂 we’re on the Passenger Seat, beside me is his Father (our coach captain for this trip, hehehe) *

Since we have van, we’re on convenient way going to our destination. I don’t know how to go there by commute eh. Hehehe.

And, our coach captain is always going to Zambales that’s why he’s so familiar with the place.

First things first, our food ! ! ! We buy our foods at San Marcelino in Zambales 🙂 Its not that crowded but its so hot. I think its almost 10 am.

Anyways, let get it on ! ! !

Let the pictures speak 🙂


* be ready for a long boat riding.. its just giving you time to see the whole sight seeings. *





Time to prepare everything 🙂 We are now in NAGSASA COVE ! ! !

Preparing first the food for lunch . . .






Lunch time . . . .



After a few hours of rest, its now time to feel the water in Nagsasa . . .







At night, be sure to have time to make bonfire. Yey!

Don’t forget also the Marshmallows and Hotdogs.







Good MORNING ! ! !

Snapshots going to Anawangin and Capones Island . . DSC_0949





We just take our Lunch in Anawangin, we didn’t take time to swim due to, IT’S ALMOST 12NN when we arrive there. Hahaha!

Afterwards, we went to Capones Island 🙂







*mess hair :p




* last but not the least, PICTURE! ! ! ! ! !


Sorry not enough pictures of the islands 🙂


hehehe 🙂

*pahaboooool ng picture 🙂

IMG_20130330_101455 IMG_20130330_101502 IMG_20130330_101510 IMG_20130330_101520